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Colin Madland

What if...

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Photo Credit: Death to the Stock Photo

Photo Credit: Death to the Stock Photo; Stef Etow

What if you had the opportunity to build an online learning department focussed around graduate programs, and you were starting from scratch? No legacy LMS. No staff. No vendor agreements.

What you do have is a mandate from all levels of senior administration, from the board, president, provost, deans all the way down the line. You have strong support from the library and the teaching and learning centre. There are some faculty and departments who have been offering online courses, mostly off the side of their desks. Faculty are engaged, but unfamiliar with either online or open learning.

Where do you start?

I'd love to hear what your approach would be, and what you would prioritize. I certainly have some thoughts bouncing around in my mind, but I know that there are a whole bunch of people out there on the interwebs who might think differently.

Feel free to leave a comment here, link to a video, link to your own post...whatever suits your fancy.